22 September 2009

What a mother goes through to save her child from neglect and abuse

I received this email from a mother that is desperately trying to free her daughter from an abusive father... I posted yesterday on this case as well:  Butterflies & Hurricanes

I have done nothing wrong, but try to protect my daughter against a flawed system and now I am prepared to be possibly jailed for my crime,  "protection". If I am incarcerated for this I want to bring awareness to the Family Court system by standing up against it, I need help.

I have been involved in several groups of other mothers who have been in my same situation and some that have lost more horribly than I, with their children dying at the hands of their father. We have a common thread of nightmares of cold, uncaring court officials.

Family Court throws women and children off of the sinking ship of custody disputes with an abusive man. They continue to make the wheels of abuse go round and round. I have been ignored, chastised, intimidated and now I am not going to take it anymore. I will not allow my daughter or I become a statistic.

All my friends and family will agree with me that the characteristic I most employ is strength and the will  to do what is right.

I am a mother who is helping her child in pain, to comfort my child and keep her safe, I am no different than any other loving mother who would also never allow their child to be hurt  or tormented by a man who is suppose to love and protect her or anyone else for that matter.

I have been stalked in Family Court by my ex abuser, Craig Hensberger. His court actions against me have escalated since I met and married my best friend, the man of my dreams, my husband, Chad Tipton. Now that I have found true happiness I am certain that my ex abuser is not as happy and since he can no longer abuse me the way he use to, he now resorts to several devious tactics towards our daughter, Michaela.

My ex abuser has now taken another action to  have me jailed for contempt as our daughter does not want to live with him and his mother. My child has admitted that they make her sleep on the floor in the living room or the basement. My daughter is 11 yrs old who is leaving adolescence, she is a pre-teen, she is a young woman who needs to have her own room and bed, like she does here. 

My ex abuser continues to accuse that I have "brainwashed" our daughter against him. That all the abuse she witnessed against her and myself are a distant memory. That the time that she was videotaped by a child advocacy center and told about the way that he would touch her inappropriately and where and how many times is just a lie.

This man has done nothing but lie, cheat and steal to make my life and his daughter's living hell. Including fraudulently signing her up to win money in a fishing derby.

I intend to stand up once again in Marinette County Family Court with presiding Judge David Miron. I am hoping that my plea for the court to help protect my child from the ongoing harassment and abuse.

She does not want to be forced to live with her abuser, I do not blame her, I've been there.

I intend to expose the insanity of Family Court and how a mother can be jailed or punished for allowing my child to stay in a stable, sober, loving environment.

All that know me I mean what I say and I say what I mean. If on September 24, 2009 at 10:00am I am required to appear before Judge Miron to answer why my daughter has once again refused visitation I will, with dignity and respect, fight for what is right.

If this judge follows through with his threat that the next time a motion of contempt was brought before him I would be "put in jail" and that if our daughter was so stressed and having emotional problems that maybe she does need to be placed in foster care.

If jailed I will not take food until the judge releases me, I will hunger strike for justice.

I hope that my family, friends, and other advocates will also help expose by contacting local Green Bay TV media as well as national.

My husband, Chad, can be reached at ottobooboo@yahoo.com or (920) 785-0328. He is in possession of several documents and recordings proving the corruption of a small county with a God Complex, which is also a non-clinical term that does not appear in the DSM but neither does the pseudo scientific theory, Parental Alieanation Syndrome (PAS) or "brainwashing" from which I am accused.

I thank each and everyone of you that have advocated for me in the past and hope for your continued support as I face a fight for life, me and my daughters'.

With Good Grace,
Lorraine Tipton
a.k.a. Mama Liberty

Oconto County Case #99-PA-06
Judge David G. Miron
1926 Hall Avenue
Marinette, WI 54143-1717
(715) 732-7655

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