11 February 2011

The Daily Caller - Extradite Dr. Phil now



Extradite Dr. Phil now

Published: 1:25 PM 02/09/2011

By Grier Weeks

Alaska authorities have charged a woman with child abuse for brutalizing a Russian boy she adopted, but federal authorities should be looking hard at charging television’s “Dr. Phil” McGraw for his role in the crimes.

Jessica Beagley, the 35-year-old wife of an Anchorage police officer, was featured on McGraw’s show forcing the seven-year-old boy to drink hot sauce, verbally assaulting him and then putting him in a cold shower for punishment. The abuse was so disturbing it caused audience members to cry and call for removal of children from Beagley’s home.

Holding the camera throughout the harrowing scene was Beagley’s 10-year-old daughter. The Associated Press reports that McGraw’s producers had asked Beagley to get them footage of her abusing the child, after she sent them a video describing the punishment she planned.

The “Dr. Phil” show sought the footage in order to capture “naturally occurring behaviors and interactions,” claims spokeswoman Stacey Luchs. Beagley and her attorney claim she believed she would get on the show for parenting help.

But McGraw’s producers wanted footage of actual abuse.

Having solicited and received the video, the show promoted it with lurid advertisements, featuring their gritty, child’s-eye-level camera work. McGraw then broadcast the boy’s humiliation on a show entitled, “Mommy Confessions.”

“What happens behind closed doors can be shocking,” McGraw promises his viewers, chin in hand. A split second later, piercing screams emerge from behind a shower curtain.

McGraw’s degenerate production has provoked a minor international incident, focusing attention on abuse by Americans of children adopted from overseas. “This video caused a huge wave of outrage in Russia,” says Andrey Bondarev of the Russian Consulate in Seattle.

An embassy press officer interviewed by ABC News says Russian authorities “are in contact with the U.S. officials regarding this case.” Another official, said to be an assistant to Russia’s Commissioner of Children’s Rights, told the Anchorage Daily News that “there is quite a big chance” of the boy and his twin brother being taken from their American siblings and returned to Russia if Beagley is convicted.

Despite all this, news reports appear blind to the obvious role McGraw played in commissioning the child abuse for his television show. Law enforcement authorities — made aware of the incident by the Russians, if by no one else — also seem to take for granted that television entertainment is an acceptable motive for inducing crimes against children.

No matter how you look at it, it seems clear that McGraw caused abuse to occur that might not otherwise have happened. On the day in question, one child was cruelly assaulted in a staged incident, while a second was forced to hold the camera and film her brother’s suffering for McGraw’s benefit.

Instead of immediately notifying Anchorage authorities of the abuse — and their own role in it — the McGraw show made the decision to take their ill-gotten gain and exploit it for commercial profit. Their actions further exacerbated the pain suffered by both child victims and their siblings, pain that is not over yet.

Phil McGraw should give up every penny of his foul profit immediately, in some arrangement that benefits these or other victims of abuse, without any chance of further contact or manipulation by him and his show. Then he should answer in a court of law, along with Beagley, for his role in this incident.

After that, maybe he can be extradited to Russia. You can see it from Alaska.

Grier Weeks is Executive Director of PROTECT (www.protect.org).

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2011/02/09/extradite-dr-phil-now/#ixzz1Da7lP1w9

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10 February 2011

Justice Denied

JUSTICE DENIED « MamaLiberty's Weblog

Press Release 02/08/11

World’s Most Famous Beach….World’s Most Scandalous Case

Florida Mother DENIED justice when Presiding Judge Torphy, Judge Evander and Judge Cohen REFUSED  to Review Ruling En banc, Write Written Opinion, and Certify Questions to the Florida Supreme Court on  02/07/11

Constitutional and Human Rights Violations in Family Court Cases Rampant in the U.S.

In the “World’s Most Famous Beach”…Daytona Beach, Florida…………they also have the most scandalous case involving a wealthy millionaire, his power, money, and connections to the community that has most experts involved in the national crisis in the family courts regarding “custody visitation scandal cases” asking when will justice prevail for these Florida  children and their Mother.

National advocates and organization’s  are asking for federal investigations into the crisis in the family courts and have documented  violations of litigants constitutional rights and are advocating for America’s children. The Leadership Counsel and Interpersonal Violence (www.leadershipcounsel.org) research shows that US family courts order about 58,000 children a year into unsupervised contact with physically or sexually abusive parents following divorce in the US.

Dr. Phil in April 2010 had the very 1st show regarding the family courts failure to protect abused children, and family court judges dismissing documented evidence of abuse, and taking away loving, caring Mothers.

Linda Marie Sacks, a “Squeaky Clean Mom”, is headed to the Florida Supreme Court and the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington D.C. in her continued efforts to be re-united with her children, and is speaking  out about this injustice to her children, and the national crisis in the family courts. Her daughter’s teacher said..if you can lose custody, America better wake up, because if you can, anyone can. Her case is a Justice for Children case,(www.justiceforchildren.org)

and they are a national organization who advocate for children in abusive situations when “official avenues” judges, police, Dept of Children and Family,  have failed to protect them.

On 12/21/10 she  filed 3 pro se Motions asking the Fifth District Court of Appeals reconsider their 12/7/10 (Case 5D09-3752) ruling that has violated  her constitutional rights to be a parent to her children. On 02/07/11, the Fifth District Court of Appeals, with Presiding Judge Torphy, Judge Evander and Judge Cohen, DENIED all of her Motions, and affirmed the erroneous ruling by the trial court of Judge Shawn L. Briese.

This is her second appeal before the court of appeals. In her first appeal, (Case 5D07-1682) the ruling on custody of her children was REVERSED AND REMANDED due to violations of this Mothers constitutional rights to due process and the opportunity to be heard. In their ruling they stated that Mothers hand written Motion for Continuance was legally sufficient, and should not  have been denied by Judge Briese, and the hearing to decide custody of the minor children should NEVER have taken place. This rare reversal by an appeals court provided NO relief to Mother and her children as the trial court of Judge Shawn L. Briese refused to be disqualified from her case, or VACATE the unjust supervised visitation ruling.

Mother appealed to the Fifth District Court of Appeals in a Writ of Prohibition, (Case 5D08-3668) and provided documented evidence of judicial misconduct by Judge Briese, and the attorneys of record for the Father, James L. Rose of Rice and Rose, and Leonard R. Ross of Ross and Burden. The documented evidence of judicial misconduct included violations of Judges Canon #3, Fl. Ad Code 2.330, ex parte communication with the attorneys of record and violations of her constitutional rights. The Fifth District Court of Appeals DENIED her Writ and Judge Briese was allowed to hear the “Rehearing of the Custody of Minor Children” in April 2009.

In this hearing, (Case 2004-30312 FMCI) Judge Briese refused to allow Mothers witnesses to testify and refused to allow her exhibits. In his oral ruling he stated that mother did not buy greeting cards for children to give to the father, and mother did a Channel 9 news interview in New York and this was a concern to the court, and so she MUST continue to stay on Supervised Visitation. It WAS NOT a concern that Father admitted to an altercation with his daughter at 8 years old and this resulted in her getting a split lip and blood. This matched Mothers Domestic Violence Injunction of Protection, Police Reports and DCF reports. Father also admitted to “wiping down the vaginas” of his school age children, which also matched the Domestic Violence Injunction of Protection, Police and DCF reports. This credible evidence was DISMISSED, IGNORED and SUPRESSED by the trial court of Judge Shawn L. Breise, and now, DISMISSED, IGNORED and SUPRRESSED by the Fifth District Court of Appeals, as they have just AFFIRMED the trial court’s ruling.

With only 79 hours of contact in 3 years and 10 months…under Supervised Visitation at the local Family visitation center, for two hours a month……..this “squeaky clean” class Mom, soccer Mom, community volunteer, with no drugs, no alcohol, no abuse, nothing……just a loving, caring Mother lost custody of her children… will have to continue on with the Supervised Visitation, with NO case plan or reunification plan provided by the trial court. This Mother is the LONGEST family law referral in the history of the Daytona Beach supervised visitation center….now at 3 years and 10 months.

National Advocates, experts, and Mothers were in Albany, New York on  Jan.7, 8,and 9th, 2011  for the Annual Battered Mothers Custody Conference,( www.batteredmotherscustodyconference.org) to address this national crisis of  Mothers losing custody with documented evidence of abuse to their children, and safe, protective parents  having all of their contact with their children either terminated  by the family courts or are being place on supervised visitation for years without a case plan or reunification plan.

The trend documented by the latest research is that judges routinely dismiss, ignore and suppress documented evidence of abuse to the children in the “custody-visitation scandal cases”, and batterers are asking for Sole Physical Custody and are successful 70% of the time. www.apa.org/pi/viol&fam.hmtl and  www.aja.ncsc.dni.us/domviol/pages5.html

The Florida NOW, National Organization for Women Ad Hoc Family Law Committee has published a brochure a “Crisis for Women in Family Court: What to Expect and How to Fight Back”. (www.nowfoundation.org/issues/family)

Numerous national organizations are demanding  federal investigations into the crisis in the family courts and asking for congressional hearings to address these human rights violations to America’s children and their Mothers.

The latest research on this issue is in the book Domestic Violence, Abuse, and Child Custody Legal Strategies and Policy Issues Edited by Barry Goldstein, J.D. and Dr. Mo Therese Hannah. And can be found at www.civicresearchinstitute.com/dvac.html

Linda Marie’s daughters said “Mommy fight for us and do something every day to get us back and don’t ever stop. So after 3 years and 9 months, this Florida Mother is now more determined than ever, and is headed to the Florida Supreme Court and then on to the U.S. Supreme Court. She has kept her promise to her daughter’s and now she is speaking up for her children and all of America’s children.

For more information  on this crisis in the family courts please contact:

Center for Judicial Excellence www.centerforjudicailexcellence.com

California Protective Parent Association www.protectiveparent.com

Domestic Violence Legal Empowerment and Appeals Project www.dvleap.org

Stop Family Violence www.stopfamilyviolence.org

Randi James www.randijames.com

Court Whores www.courtwhores.com

American Mothers Political Party www.AmericanMothersPoliticalParty.org

Family Court in America www.juliafletcher.wordpress.com

Talia Carner  www.taliacarner.com

Protective Parents for Children’s Rights www.protectiveparent.ning.com

Liz Notes www.lizlibrary.org

Many thanks to all who are part of the solution to the crisis in the family courts. You are all true American heroes.

For contact information re: this press release please contact:

Linda Marie Sacks



09 February 2011

It’s All About the Power and Control, I Mean the Kids - Part Three

“If you want to change the culture, you will have to start by changing the organization.” ~ Mary Douglas (1921-2007)

Monday and Tuesday I gave you my opinion about the Father’s rights Movement, that I think it may have started out as some good fathers and men attempting to make their children’s lives better.  I said that I believe abusers have taken that over and ultimately made children’s lives worse through the Family Court System.

After all, it is abusers that want to maintain power and control of their victims and could care less about what is really best for their kid’s.  They will twist everything so that it appears to those they are manipulating that the victim is the one in the wrong or that the victim is the abuser.

Today, I felt it was only fair to discuss the various avenues that a truly good father can take to protect him and his children.  I’ve already stated that I don’t believe that just being a parent (whether mom or dad) makes a person a good parent.  There are men out there that are abused by women and there are kids out there that are abused by moms.

Most of the time men that abused will not seek help; mainly for the same reasons a woman won’t, but with the added social embarrassments that women don’t have.  What will their friends and family think about them ‘letting’ a woman abuse?  Men are most often not believed either; by friends, family, and professionals.

The reason for these two additional factors is because the way society as a whole thinks about gender.  A man doesn’t ‘let’ himself be abused anymore than a woman ‘lets’ herself be abused.  No abuse victim wants to be abused, in any way, regardless of what type of abuse it is.  An abuser can gain power and control of their victim in many different ways and the victim rarely sees this happening until it is too late.

When a man finds himself the victim of domestic violence or abuse and seek help they often find no services geared specifically for men.  The main reason for this is that most men (not all) are not abused to the point that they can no longer provide for themselves or that their lives are in physical danger.  The shelters that are set up to help women can’t house abused men in with abused women for many reasons, mainly because many abusers attempt to play themselves off as victims to gain entrance into a shelter to find their victims... horrifying!  But also because most shelters are not set up for co-habitation between males and females.

Organizations and shelters can however still help men that need that help.  The can help them by providing emergency assistance with vouchers for hotel for a couple nights for their safety, this is one of the things a man would have to know to ask for though... even most women don’t know to ask for a voucher when told the shelter is full.

Men can also call the National Domestic Violence Hotline for Men and Women at 1.888.743.5754 to ask for advice and help in their particular situation.  Online a man can go any of these sites (which I found here):

I would suggest that any man who is a victim of domestic violence visit An Abuse, Rape and Domestic Violence Aid and Resource Collection:  http://www.aardvarc.org/dv/malevictims.shtml  There are a lot of good resources there that can help a man and their children.

There are good fathers out there, I just want them to be able to help themselves and their children without getting sucked into the FR Movement.  After all abusers can manipulate anyone, that is what makes them good at lying in court and getting their way, rather than the best interest of their child being protected by the court.

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08 February 2011

It’s All About the Power and Control, I Mean the Kids - Part Two

“Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self.” ~ Cyril Connolly (1903-1974)

Ok, so with that thought in mind I move on to part two of this topic, and oh yes there will be a part three... just don’t you worry. 

As I was saying in part one, the people who make up the Father’s Rights Movement may not have started out where they have ended up.  They originally may have been honestly good fathers and what they have morphed into is the result of many abusers jumping onboard and running away with the movement.

Along these lines the men in the FR Movement have touted and tried to throw in the face of all women (feminists, non-feminists, mothers and every one really) a quote from Gloria Steinem... attempting to ‘prove’ that even SHE sees their side of it, that fathers need to be equal in parenting...  FR’s go on with that thought regardless of whether or not the father is abusive.

The quote I’m referring to is:  “Women can't be equal outside the home until men are equal in it.”

As far as I can find Gloria Steinem actually said this sentence twice, once in an interview published in the NY Daily News and once in an article she wrote which was published in the Opinion Section of the LA Times.  The LA Times article is no longer available but I found the article copied here, so that I can still reference it.

In both cases the FR Movement refuses to take the quote in the context of what she was actually saying.  Taking shit out of context is one of my biggest pet peeves and in this case shows how totally twisted they have actually gotten it.

In the interview, which was for the occasion of her 75th birthday, she was speaking in a general sense of women’s equality.  What she actually said was: 

“We’ve demonstrated that women can do what men do, but not yet that men can do what women do. That’s why most women have two jobs — one inside the home and one outside it — which is impossible. The truth is that women can’t be equal outside the home until men are equal in it.”

In the article she wrote for the LA Times she was speaking about Sarah Palin running for VP.  What she actually said was: 

Being a hope-a-holic, however, I can see two long-term bipartisan gains from this contest.

Republicans may learn they can't appeal to right-wing patriarchs and most women at the same time. A loss in November could cause the centrist majority of Republicans to take back their party, which was the first to support the Equal Rights Amendment and should be the last to want to invite government into the wombs of women.

And American women, who suffer more because of having two full-time jobs than from any other single injustice, finally have support on a national stage from male leaders who know that women can't be equal outside the home until men are equal in it. Barack Obama and Joe Biden are campaigning on their belief that men should be, can be and want to be at home for their children.

She wasn’t saying that men should be equal in the home, thus supporting fathers being caregivers to young children then turning around and abusing them because they are not equipped to handle it.  What she is saying is that women have TWO jobs, which are impossible to juggle from a man’s point of view... but that women do it everyday.

Yes, she does state that Obama and Biden were campaigning on their belief that men should, can and want to be home for their kids.  She did NOT say she supports that... she specifically used the words “their belief”. 

So, Father’s Rights Activists.... I ask you this, where exactly does Gloria Steinem say you should be allowed to stay home and not work while your children’s mom does and pays you child support to abuse your kids?  I must have missed that.

I still stick to my opinion that most of those in the FR Movement are abusers trying to cram their ideological patriarchal power and control down everyone else’s throats.

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SAY NO - UNiTE to Stop Violence Against Mothers And Their Children - UN Mothers



Please go to link below sign in and SAY NO-UNiTE To End Violence Against Women AND THEIR CHILDREN.

Stop Violence Against Mothers And Their Children



As many are aware, there is a silent genocide occurring against women. This is part of a major reason why women all over the world are united to end violence against women.  What many do not know or connect is that a lot of women experiencing violence perpetrated against them are also mothers.  Many ads on stopping violence against women portray women without children as a means to get the message across clearly; but they fail to represent the large proportion of mothers in this situation. 

Experts in intimate partner violence have noted that there is a high correlation between abuse and pregnancy.  Some scholars state that this is because they are envious of the relationship between the mother and the child.  Using violence, coercion and control is often part of the effort to destroy these bonds.  The problem then exacerbates when a mother tries to leave--often not to save herself but to save the child.  Leaving is one of the most dangerous times for all women enduring intimate partner violence, and, accompanied with an inadequate system, the odds are stacked against her.  With a community plagued by stereotypes on child custody cases, closed courtrooms and loopholes in laws compounded by pop-psychology, we have a situation where most mothers in this predicament are torn away from the children they tried to protect.  In the 1980s, Dr Richard Gardner coined the term, “Parent Alienation Syndrome”.  This term remained a term only, because most of the scientific community rejected it.  His literature promoted ideas that victims of abuse were mentally ill and deliberately raised concerns about the abuse as an act of hate.  Dr Richard Gardner also testified in a homicide case where a mother was shot 13 times.  Gardner claimed that her “alienating behavior” drove him to kill her.  Although the scientific community rejected Parent Alienation Syndrome, the legal community embraced it.  Carefully removing the word "syndrome", the belief set remained.  Whilst his work began in US, he traveled around the world promoting these ideas to court professionals and others who had a direct influence on child custody case outcomes.  Some organizations that offer training for judges even held workshops on “maternal gate-keeping”, which trivialized the experiences of women and children leaving intimate partner violence.   Whilst Dr. Gardner passed away several years ago, his doctrine lives on and others have polished up his work to continue its grave influence upon the legal community. 

Mothers are often subjected to degrading treatment within the courtrooms where they are forced to deny their experiences and their need to survive and protect--or they will face jail.  All legal avenues within this culture are blocked.  This is why we have a battered mothers custody conference where mothers, professionals and young people unite to end violence against women and children through the system.  It is why I traveled all the way from Australia to be there this year amongst others who have also traveled from other parts of the globe to attend.  It is a global issue that affects many.  This year, Holly Ann Collins, the first American to receive asylum in Netherlands, spoke about her ordeal.  Revered by many as a brave mother who, against all odds, was able to save herself and her children.  She was listed and hunted by US as an abductor even though they knew why she ran.  She arrived at the airport with a suitcase of evidence which led to her being granted asylum.  She was hard on herself because she did not do it sooner.  Whilst leaving with the children under these circumstances should be seen as the best thing to do, there is no legal avenue to do so.  Some laws and treaties appear from the surface to have some consideration of women and children experiencing violence, but the processes, culture, economics and ambiguity of the situation stifle opportunities to do so.  Holly Ann Collins' outcome is a rare one.  We need better laws that protect mothers and children from violence without punishment or further victimization. 



Name: UN Mothers

Title: Advocate

Email: smith@ssl-mail.com


American Mothers Political Party

Australian Mothers Political Party

Battered Mothers Custody Conference

unite_en         un_women_logo_en

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07 February 2011

It’s All About the Power and Control, I Mean the Kids

Everyday we all hear about or read about divorcing couples fighting over who gets the kids.  Fighting over their own children like they are some sort of property to be traded back and forth.  There are many people that believe ALL mothers should always have custody with very little to no visitation for fathers; and likewise there are those out there that believe the opposite, ALL fathers should get custody and mothers should get little to no visitation.

Personally I don’t see how so many people can see this issue in such black and white terms.  Not ALL mothers are good parents and not ALL fathers are good parents.  For the most part the daily news will show us that most child abuse and child murders are committed by fathers, and yes, occasionally by mothers.  This still doesn’t prove that ALL fathers are bad or good or that ALL mothers are bad or good.

In the last few years I have learned more about the Father’s Rights Movement, and I can say that I’m more than a little shocked at what I’ve learned.  The Father’s Rights Advocates would have everyone believe that they are just concerned for fathers as a whole having shared or joint custody.  They would have us believe that their number one concern is actually the children in divorces and custody cases.  On the surface if one doesn’t dig too much that sounds wonderful.

However, when looked at further it is easily seen what the real agenda is for the Father’s Rights Movement.  The further abuse and victimization of their ex-wives and children.  Before I go any further here, I’d like to point out that I fully believe that good fathers have

sought out the assistance of the Father’s Rights Movement and one of two things happens... they either leave, frustrated and still alone in their plight OR they become enmeshed in the bitterness which abounds.

What I see out of Father’s Rights Advocates around the internet appears to be mostly just a bunch of men (and a few women that will do anything to get the attention or have a little power for themselves) who have been abusive in one way or another to the mother of their children and now feel that comfy rug of power and control being ripped from under their feet. 

What better way to continue to abuse and control your victim when they walk away than to take possession of their children?

One main reason that I’ve formed the opinion that I have of the Father’s Rights Movement is because only abusers would look at the news we see of fathers murdering and abusing their kids and deny that it happens, or make excuses for it happening.  The strict adherence to the ‘ALL fathers should have custody’ line that they feed everyone is the basis of my opinion that the majority of those in the movement are abusers grasping at keeping the power and control they had.

Here is an example, mind you... this is only one search, but there are many like this.


http://www.google.com/m?q=do wifes come back after losing custody?&start=20&sa=N

Search Engine Phrase
do wifes come back after losing custody?

Search Engine Name

Search Engine Host

Host Name

IP Address
[Label IP Address]

United States

Why would someone look for this?  Other than because they are contemplating attempting to gain custody through the Family Court just to get their ex-wife back under their power.  This doesn’t sound like a man who loves his kids and wants the best for them, this sounds like a man who loves control and will use whatever means available to him to maintain or re-gain his power and control.

I never meant for this to be this long, so I will wrap this up by saying... not ALL men should have access to their children regardless of what the FR Advocates say.  Likewise, I can admit that not ALL women that give birth are the best parent choice either.  The natural equipment that we are born with which enables us to create life does NOT dictate how a person will be as a parent.

Since it is obvious that I have much more to say about this... there will be other posts on this subject.