01 March 2010

Domestic Violence Survivor had Parental Rights Terminated Now Faces Felony Warrant

I stumbled across part of this story and went looking for the rest of it.  The below is what I found.  I copied the below from http://angelzfury.wordpress.com/ .  I also located the original article at Kansas Watchdog.  I urge you to leave comments on the original article so that those in Kansas can see what the rest of the world thinks of them doing this to a mother.

Kansas: Domestic Violence Survivor & Mother who Testified Against the State has Felony Warrant Issued Against her for Wanting To see Her Babies!!

In domestic law on February 28, 2010 at 11:37 pm

    1. KansasWatchdog Warrant out in Wichita for arrest of Cecelia Arnold for trying to see her kids. Reform badly needed. VIDEO: http://tinyurl.com/yj4y2ltabout 2 hours
    2. KansasWatchdog

      Warrant out in Wichita for arrest of Cecelia Arnold for trying to see her kids. Reform badly needed. AUDIO:http://tinyurl.com/ygksbyx

    How can wanting to see your child whom the mother has never physically harmed be a felony, but yet, domestic violence, battery on another person (a physical crime, potentially fatal, bond $2,500.00)  is only a misdemeanor?????????  $10,000.00 bond

    Listen to Cecillia Arnold:http://tinyurl.com/ygksbyx

    Warrant Details 

    Race: B Sex: F Age: 24
    Height: 506 Weight: 150
    Hair: BLK Eyes: BRO

    Warrant Id: 92696
    Court Case No.: 2009CR003679
    Felony/Misdemeanor: F
    Bond: $10,000.00

    Compelling stories from parents and grandparents about problems with placement and removal of children

    By Earl Glynn On December 4, 2009

    Abused mom Cecillia Arnold lost her parental rights. She wants her kids back.

    “I did all court orders and my girls were placed back home with me”

    “The case workers changed many times. I couldn’t get through to them sometimes.”

    “The reintegration itself … was going well”

    “I had stability. I had a home. I had a job. I had everything that they would ask someone to do for reintegration to occur.”

    “My abuser … was going to jail at the time at the time the girls were removed from home. He was incarcerated for, I think, it was two years for the crime he committed against me.”

    “The girls were removed from home for the second time.”

    “The assistant [Sedgwick County] DA … filed a petition for termination [of parental rights], and after … the trial termination was granted.”

    “As of now I have not seen my children since March of this year”

    “During the trial I had testimony from different people — the foster care parents … — their testimony was overlooked.”

    “… bad experiences with DCCA …”

    “They said the reason for termination was … me not following the reintegration plan. That was not true.”

    “… the ball got dropped on me from the Agency that was contracted through the courts … They didn’t do the job that they were supposed to do, which resulted in my girls being removed from home”

    Senator Oletha Faust-Goudeau: “Her parents are in the audience … They have been denied custody of their grandchildren, too, and told there were too old; they were too sick.”

    State Rep Bill Otto (R-LeRoy): “Your rights are severed?”

    Arnold: “My rights have been terminated … I have no rights to my children. I have not seen them since March. I filed an appeal that didn’t go anywhere. I’m here today because I want my children back.” …

    Otto: “Where was your lawyer?” …

    Arnold: “I had court-appointed attorneys … I feel I could have done a better job representing myself” ..

    Otto: “This should not happen to anybody … I’m so sorry.” …

    Chair Kiegerl: “Your problem mainly is with the courts, although, I’m sure, the agency’s testimony was instrumental in the decision. … My heart goes out to you …I wish there were a magic wand that … we could use to solve your problem.”

    Arnold left in tears.

    Listen to Cecillia Arnold:http://tinyurl.com/ygksbyx

    Watch this Kansas Watchdog YouTube Video of Arnold explaining her case.

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