29 October 2010

Judge Makes Excuses for Step Mom’s Abuse of 5 yr old

As a world society we hold the two genders to differing standards when it comes to child rearing.  Regardless of whether a person is a biological parent or a step parent we still hold men and women to different standards where parenting is concerned.  When abusive men molest, beat and murder their children or step children there is sometimes a small blurb in the paper and quotes from neighbors say how much of a good father he was.  Good fathers do NOT rape, beat and murder children... sorry. 

I won’t go in to that too much though, because you can read all about all those good daddies if you click on over to Dastardly Dads.

When women molest, beat and murder kids everyone usually wants to crucify them and call them monsters.  Therein lies the differing standards.  Women are supposed to just automatically be held to a higher standard when it comes to dealing with kids. 

Please note that I am NOT condoning anyone that harms a child in ANY way regardless of gender or parental status!

The reason I’m pointing this out is to comment on the following excerpt from:  Stepmum role not easy: judge where surprisingly the judge made excuses for the abusing step monster:

The repeated assault of a 5-year-old boy by his stepmother reflected child abuse regularly happening in New Zealand, an Invercargill District Court judge said yesterday.

Judge Christopher Somerville said all children behaved badly at times and that behaviour could be dealt with appropriately by a loving parent. But it was more difficult for a stepmother to deal with bad behaviour because they did not have the same emotional bond to the child.

Society was made up of people in many different types of relationships and people needed to understand how difficult it was to be a stepmother, the judge said.

It was unacceptable for fathers to enter into new relationships and then expect the woman, who is essentially a stranger to his children, to bring them up.

"The reason it is so hard for stepmothers is that they have been given a child to care for when what they really wanted was a relationship with the child's father. "They seem to come as a package, and it's hard to do. They didn't carry that child for nine months or look after it as an infant."

If you click the link above and read the entire article you will also find that this stepmom, Veda Elizabeth Tutty, had already been found guilty of five charges of child abuse and that Judge Christopher Somerville sentenced her to only eight months of home detention.

Judge Somerville did state that IF authorities decided to return this boy to his father and stepmother in the future, it should be done with extreme caution.

BULLSHIT!  This child should NEVER be put back into a home with this woman.

Why in the hell did a family court judge give this father custody to begin with?  If this were a custodial mom who had re-married and the stepfather had done these things the MOTHER would probably have also been charged with neglect or at the very least failure to protect. 

Why the different standard for daddies?

Family Courts around the world are awarding (like it is a competition) custody of children to fathers more and more.  I don’t see how in the world a judge or anyone else can excuse child abuse because it is supposedly so fucking hard to be a step parent.

If a person can’t behave themselves appropriately where children they are not the biological parent of is concerned... then maybe those people shouldn’t become involved in relationships with people that have children already.  It is not that hard! 

PSA:  If you can not manage to NOT rape, beat or murder children that are not yours then STOP dating, living with, etc people that have children from previous relationships!

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