23 September 2009

Take a look at the figures; 90% of families being killed by dear dad


Over 90% of Familicides are Fathers Killing Their Families

from RightsForMothers.com by justice4mothers

Can’t say that I agree the with this explantion of motivating factor for familicide. But the fact that 196 of 211 familicides were committed by men (92.89%) shows that murder of family members are being committed by MALES more than 90% of the time. True to the Violence Policy Center’s prior studies.

Expert: Rate Of Familicides Rising

Peter Busch
Reporter, KPHO.com

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. — A criminal justice professor said familicide, a crime in which a parent kills his or her family, is on the rise.”We’ve noticed over the past year a marked increase in familicides nationally,” said Neil Websdale, a professor at Northern Arizona University.Websdale believes the recession is one of the reasons behind the spike.”I think what’s happening is perpetrators are killing because they somehow perceive that they have failed as providers, lovers, fathers, and in a small number of cases, wives and mothers,” he said.

Websdale just wrote the book Familicidal Hearts, which will be released in January. In the book, he looked at 211 cases of familicide. In 196 of those cases, the father was the killer.Websdale said the recent murder-suicide in Mesa where a mother apparently killed her two teenage sons before killing herself is the exception to the rule.”Without knowing all the facts, it’s tough to say what was behind it — but it definitely looks like a rare case,” he said.

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