26 September 2009

We don’t need to be tricked into having sex...


Over here at where is your line?, we’re pretty tired of Tucker Max’s caricature of masculinity/male minstrel show. To “change the game” of sexual relations for the better, sometimes you have to state the obvious — in this case, Girls Enjoy Sex. Here’s a 30 second antidote to the ills of male chauvinism/ignorance.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” was whipped up (by fabulous Isaac with a few tweaks from me) in the week between our first international premiere, and hopping Amtrak to a screening at American University. Tucker Max and his book were on the periphery of my radar, but he seemed like this year’s Joe Francis, a privileged white guy capitalizing on people’s desire to be famous, and making a lot of money from it. When I saw the marketing campaign advertising his movie, we knew we wanted to respond. The grossest thing about his message is the notion that you need to sneak up, trick or coerce girls into sex. We have so much evidence to prove the contrary, we decided to show you.

Two years ago I went to Daytona, Florida to capture the Spring Break experience and use it in THE LINE. Girls Gone Wild was receiving something of a backlash, so people were wary of Yankees with cameras, especially business owners. I wanted to talk to the girls flashing their tits and dancing about sex: what they wanted, their own satisfaction, pleasure and behavior… and the guys, I wanted them to spill their secrets.

I bombed. Daytona was not the destination, the hotels, pools, bars and clubs wouldn’t let us film, and the beach was overrun with monster trucks. My plan to blend in and be a fly on the wall was a bust.

Incidentally, my friend Roy, a NY-based sound engineer and shooter went to Panama City, Florida to party for Spring Break. Roy travels the world hitting up party destinations between gigs. He has a knack for being a “dude” but also being an observer of the human condition. Donning a foam Trojan hat, shades and a video camera, within minutes of arriving to the beach, he was at the center of the action. Girls took him in like a sorority sister and frat boys treated him like a brother.

The result: a great week of partying for Roy, and two hours of footage for me. My favorite gem in this footage is an exchange between Roy and two guys sipping beers on the beach.

Roy: “So, how is it that you get a girl to flash you her tits?”

Dude A: “Flash ‘em some beads man, 10 cent beads.”

Dude B: “75% of the bitches out here are using alcohol as an excuse to fuck, 25% are just whores.”

Somehow, I think these guys are Tucker Max fans, don’t you?

The bottom line is girls don’t need an excuse to fuck. Most of us actually like to do it, so if we’re not doing it with you, it’s because we don’t want to. You don’t need to trick us. It’s that simple.

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