23 September 2009

Domestic Violence charges dropped; wife wouldn't testify

I completely understand the fear a victim of domestic violence faces when it is time to testify in court; what I can't understand is the statement that her own lawyer made....both of these lawyers piss me off with their condescending attitudes.  If the video above doesn't work correctly, you can go here to the original post and view the video on the upper right corner.  Pay close attention to what HER lawyer says.  He is the first lawyer to comment then his lawyer comments. Her lawyers comments were conveniently left out of the transcription below which is posted on the news stations website with the clip....
On Tuesday, Kirk Vartanian was facing five felony charges for allegedly attacking his wife, back on June 26th. However, all counts were dropped due to his wife refusing a court order to testify against her husband.

The judge mentioned that he couldn’t force her to testify, so he dropped all the domestic violence charges. Mr. Vartanian’s attorney commented that she had made a wise decision to vow out and not go any further.

However, although the domestic violence charges have been dropped, Kirk Vartanian still faces separate charges in regards to his various business dealings here in the central valley.

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