07 March 2010

Wichita grandparents try to appeal to Kansas legislature

This was actually a forwarded email, however since the original writer of the email asked that this be passed on, in an attempt to gain national coverage of what is transpiring in Kansas, I decided to share via blog rather than email.  Feel free to pass on the story of this family.

Wichita grandparents try to appeal to Kansas legislature to help "felon" daughter with child custody

There is a warrant out in Wichita for the arrest of Cecillia Arnold, who was an abused mom. Arnold's crime? She talked to her daughter who is in foster care:

http://kansas.watchdog.org/2890/warrant-out-for-mom-who-testified-at-hearing-about-losing-custody-of-children/ ...

On Thursday in Topeka Cecillia's parents tried to ask a committee in the Kansas legislature for help with their daughter's plight.  These grandparents don't understand why their daughter was denied custody, and why they have been denied custody of their granddaughters.  Direct link to YouTube video from Thursday:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sn1zFnX2GnI

Grandparents Albert and Monica Arnold also attended hearings at the State Capitol on Nov 30, 2009.  In both cases, the committees did not have time to listen to their appeals, however, their daughter Cecillia was allowed to speak in Nov.  Listen to her testimony on this page:

http://kansas.watchdog.org/2010/compelling-stories-about-problems-with-placement-and-removal-of-children/ .

Cecillia and her parents are in this video from last year:  http://kansas.watchdog.org/1978/parents-grandparents-ask-why-children-removed-from-homes/

Please forward.  We need to find a national voice to speak for Cecillia and her parents, who do not have the money to fight their case in court.