04 May 2009

Michael Green posts SRL applicants private information for all to read BestIntersts JohnMcXXXXer

BestIntersts JohnMcXXXXer
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Percolo Alio

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Emails and then two mobile calls and I spoke with him for an hour this evening. Has a mention on Wednesday.

Had to go over very basic stuff for the hearing.

Melbourne FMC case. Is applying to join.

Any comments?

Hi I emailed you last night from the sit requesting any assistance you may be able to give. I have a court date in Maqgistrates Court on this�Wenesday. I have attached my affadavit and intiating application to this email for you to have a look at. I am representing myself. The thing I wanted to know was if on the day both parties agree to most things in the interim orders can we put those into interim consent orders and then can I have the judge just rule on the items in dispute. I have requested a family consultant do a report and also that a lawyer be appointed to represent the childs best interests. As I have put forward interim and final orders and the main thrust of it is that in the interim the childs contact with me be reinstatedthat has been happening fotr the last 10 months. And the the expert�do a family report for the final hearing.�Thanks and I realise you may not be able to help this time as such short notice but I will continue to correspond with you as case goes on. I think this will be a great resource for me. My member name is " bestinterests" on the website.
Thanks again

Hi ,
I only just found your site and it seems a awesome and just what I was looking for. I wanted to enquire if you can have a look at my Iniating Application and Affidavit . I filed them on 30th of April and have my first court date on 8th of May in the Federal Magistrates Court. I know its last minute but any help now and through out the case would be much help. I spent a total of 6 days straight typing and researching the law to come up with what I did and realise it could have been done better.

But none the less I have been as through and honest as I can.If you can have a look before then and give me any feedback that would be great.

I also wanted to know I have applied for interim orders and final orders. On the court date if both parties agee on the majority of the interim orders can we ask for them to be made into consent orders and ask the Judge to rule on the items in dispute. The items im sure the other party will not agree on are 1. Asking that the childs best interests be represented by a lawyer and that a family consultant be instructed to prepare a family report. These two things I feel are important for gathering evidence and the childs best interests being represented at the final hearing.

I have read all relevant rules and guidelines for the site and like the idea of being able to assist others where I can as I do a lot of volunteer work already.I will send the affidavit and application to my personal space as recommended. Understand it may be too late this time but hope you can help with further appearances as I will be a self represented litigant throughout the the entire process,


(He actually sent the emails back to front - he misspelled an email address)


» Download: Best Interests Application 040509.rtf (576 Kb, 2 downloads so far)


» Download: Best Interests Affidavit 040509.doc (126 Kb, 1 downloads so far)

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This email along with a completed Affidavit containing allparties names, addresses and identifying details, and Application forms were posted in the full view of the public on www.familylawwebguide.com.au on 4th May and was in direct contravention of S121 which restricts publication of any document identifying parties in a family law matter. Details of "Bestinterests" child, relatives and ex partner were all provided.
Apart from the serious breach of S121 , the information posted proves that Michael Green alias Agog alias Sisyphus is also practising law without a certificate from the NSW Bar Association.

As per our previous warnings not to join the SRL as they use the information inappropriately and all they want are your details. Don't forget about their "special" relationship with the CSA that Wayne Butler brags about constantly.

Oneadadc aka Graeme Campbell and member of the SRL urges any new users to:

"For a start, join Self Represented Litigants - Resources (SRL-R) for a chance to discuss in private and gat some usefull guidance on the process."

This is what they do with CONFIDENTIAL information!!!
BEWARE of the Self Represented Litigants Group, they are only members of the Shared Parenting Council of Australia and if you want an angry mens group sharing your information with everyone on the internet, feel free to join up.
We have sent a copy of what was posted to the Federal Magistrates Court including the affidavits.

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