08 May 2009

Child Abuse Profiteering Ring Exposed

Just who is in this child abuse profiteering ring, you ask? Well, welcome to the Family Court system!

Please read this ARTICLE, then comment on it. It is long, and it will turn your stomach with what some of it says. But this crap is being spewed by many and is harming the children of the US (well and other countries as well!).

The article discusses:
Those people who profiteer from covering up child abuse by accusing the victims of having a fictitious syndrome called Parental Alienation, are opposing good legislation in AB 612. This bill would protect children who are witnesses of domestic violence and victims of physical and sexual abuse from being re-victimized in court by being falsely accused of the fictitious syndrome (similar to witchcraft accusations, there is no proof, just saying so proclaims it so).
There are quotes from Richard Gardner (these are what I warned would turn your stomach), who was the father of the Parental Alienation Syndrome to begin with. If you have never heard of this term being used in Family Court then I suggest you read this article, pay very close attention to what it is saying!

I also ask that you pass this on to others that may not know about this! It will save lives, kids lives!

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vawnews said...

Thank you for a summary and also for long article warning. This is very helpful and maybe you could do this more often for readers like me.

DenomShi said...

Thank you for your comment and letting me know that you like this way better!