23 March 2012

Time Has Ended, Bye

Meandering and wandering around online this morning looking for something inspiring to blog I found the video below on YouTube.  It isn’t all that inspiring, so to speak, but it does go along with the theme of the post I did yesterday on exposing abusers for what they are

The main point I want you to take away from watching this video is this:  abusers manipulate every situation and will use their own kids to do so if that is how they can get the job done!!!  When the Family Courts are trying to decide which parent would be ‘in the best interest of the child’ to have physical custody they really should pay attention to this type of evidence.  It is a definite sign that a parent is abusive, and clearly does NOT hold their children’s best interest at heart. 

Don’t just listen to the words being said in this video.  Pay attention to the dates and times.  From what it looks like to me, this child is supposed to get to talk to their mom for 15 minutes on certain days and after 2 to 3 minutes each call for months the child is told to end the call by someone in the back ground.

Our hearts go out to this child and his mother!  If you happen to see this, know you are both in our prayers.


Do you have an abuser that needs to be exposed like Ray Knutsen?

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