22 March 2012

Abusers Doin’ What They Do and Gettin’ Exposed

I saw this posted on facebook… and since it said post it everywhere I wanted to share it here but with a few added words from me… so once you read what I’ve copied over please see my comments below it Smile
~~PLEASE BLAST THIS ALL OVER THE INTERNET AND LET ALL WOMEN AND MEN KNOW THE TACTICS OF ABUSERS~~You have got to love it when abusers use the children in an attempt to hurt and further abuse you??? It is so blatantly obvious what they are doing and How they operate.... They have no clue how and what this movement is going to end up like!!!! Keep trying Bucky, YOU ARE EXPOSED... Thank you so much for continuing to give me drive to fight you abusers... Every tactic makes me more and more determined ;-) Nice try though!!!!
Yes, unfortunately abusers DO (always have and always will try) to use the kids as pawns in their own sick little games.  It is hurtful to the victimized parent, BUT what about the kids?  It is damaging to them as well, which just proves that the abuser is an abuser and will try to pull any damn thing they can to continue to control their victims.  Now let me explain a little about the above quote…
A kid texts their mom and says something like hey dad says my sibling needs more clothes.  The mom being a good mom and having clothes at her house calls the other kid to find out what is needed.  Rather than that kid saying I need this or that, that kid goes off on a rant (prompted by the abuser) at the mom. 
All too often abusers get custody of the kids because they have one asset the rest of society doesn’t have… they can charm anyone and can turn that on and off at the drop of a hat.  They are GREAT at manipulating people and they use this skill set they have to control their victims.  These victims include their OWN children!
Do you have an abuser that needs to be exposed like Blake Melinn just was?

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