14 September 2009

"Dad" takes 2-month-old girl from women's shelter (with their permission) and kills her

This brought to us by Dastardly Dads...their comment says enough, I feel no need to add to it!

"Dad" takes 2-month-old girl from women's shelter (with their permission) and kills her (Singapore, Singapore)

This story is freaking unbelievable.

SARLE STEEPAN KOKUNDU, who falsely declared he was the biological father of his girlfriend's two-month-old daughter when the birth was registered, attacks the girlfriend at work while drunk for "not telling him that she was working" and other random accusations (typical abuser/control freak stuff). He pushes the girlfriend and punches her in the head. The police are called. They apparently don't arrest this goon, they just tell him to leave (mistake #1). Mom was staying at a women's shelter called the Good Shepherd Centre at the time--apparently a shelter run by complete idiots and incompetents (mistake #2). Dad then goes to the shelter, lies, and says that the mother gave him "permission" to take the child out. AND THESE MORONS HAND OVER THE KID! NO PROOF, NO NOTHING! (mistake #3). Virtually as soon as he gets the baby out of there, the "seething" dad slaps her and "roughs her up" till she is bleeding from the mouth. A passerby notices that the baby is blue and motionless, and alerts the staff at the shelter, who call for an ambulance. Apparently these nitwits didn't notice that the man who had just picked up a baby from their shelter was literally beating the sh-- out of this kid just outside their door. (mistake #4). And this POS actually rides in the ambulance to the hospital with the baby! (mistake #5). Later that night, the baby dies from a fractured skull, and the "dad" is arrested for murder.
What good are DV shelters when they pull this crap?


Sep 10, 2009
Man admits killing baby
He repeatedly slapped two-month-old girl, who died from skull fractures

By Selina Lum

AFTER attacking his girlfriend at her workplace, a man went to the women's shelter where she was staying and asked for her two-month-old baby girl. Sarle Steepan Kolundu, 44, was registered as the infant's biological father - even though he was not - and he was allowed to take her out.

He was still seething when he took the baby, and he slapped and roughed her up until she was bleeding profusely from the mouth. They were just metres from the shelter, the Good Shepherd Centre.

A passer-by, seeing that the baby had turned blue and was motionless, alerted staff at the shelter, who called for an ambulance.

The infant, Esther Regina Sarle Steepan, died in hospital from skull fractures. Sarle Steepan, who went in the ambulance with her, was arrested at the hospital that night. He was initially charged with murder, which carries the death penalty, for killing the baby on June 1 last year.
But on Wednesday, on what would have been the start of a 13-day trial in the High Court, he pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of culpable homicide not amounting to murder.

He faces life in prison or up to 20 years' jail and can also be caned or fined. Next Monday, the prosecution will argue its case for sentencing and the defence will plead for leniency.

The court heard that Sarle Steepan and Ms Siti Noor Fazlina Haron, 24, entered into a relationship soon after they met in August 2007. For a while, they lived together in a rented flat, but moved out shortly in February last year. Ms Siti was then pregnant with another man's child.
Esther Regina was born on March 27 last year. Sarle Steepan knew he was not the biological father, but falsely declared that he was while registering her birth in May. Later that month, he began suspecting that Ms Siti was cheating on him.

On the evening of June 1 last year, reeking of alcohol, he showed up at the shopping mall where she worked and created a scene. He berated her for not telling him that she was working, pushed her and repeatedly punched her on the head.

The police were called in and they advised him to leave. He then cycled to the shelter and lied that Ms Siti had given him permission to take the baby out.

After the baby was handed to him, he pushed her in a pram to the void deck of the block. After his arrest, Sarle Steepan admitted that he had repeatedly slapped the baby in anger. An autopsy report said the skull fractures showed that the blows to the baby's head were of 'considerable force' and were highly unlikely to have been caused accidentally.

Dastardly Dads: "Dad" takes 2-month-old girl from women's shelter (with their permission) and kills her (Singapore, Singapore)

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