13 September 2009

Child molesting dad/granddad gets slap on the wrist

Shit like this pisses me off!!  They quote:

Crown Prosecutor Gary Corr said, "It was one of the worst cases of child abuse I have ever seen.

But the asshole only got 19 fucking years??  And, will be eligible for parole in 12-13 years??  Gee, let me think....what about what he did in the way of fucking up those two (well and according to the article this wasn't the first time, another girl back in the 90's) little girls lives!  They aren't going to be all better in another 12-13 years....also, if he did this before, way back when....he didn't stop, he just didn't get caught again until recently!!  He should be locked up for life!  Or killed....I personally prefer dead!  Castration doesn’t stop these monsters, nor does short jail terms.  This sends the message that child molesters and child porn distributors will just get a slap on the wrist and be free to go about their business.

Original:  http://www.news.com.au/story/0,27574,26065654-421,00.html

A FIREFIGHTER, who led a double life selling images of his naked daughter and granddaughter online to pedophiles around the world, has been jailed for 19 years.

The 40-year-old, who cannot be named to protect the children, videoed and photographed acts of sexual abuse he inflicted on his six-year-old daughter and four-month-old granddaughter on at least 10 occasions in 2007.

The father-of-five, who worked as a casual firefighter with the NSW Fire Brigade, tried to establish an international child-porn-selling ring using the Google chat room program Hello, to sell the photos and videos of the two girls in packages for $10,000.

His arrest came after his operation was discovered in a collaborative investigation by FBI officers in the US and the Australian Federal Police.

Court files revealed the man, who in 2000 worked as a bus driver transporting spectators to Sydney Olympic events, had filmed his daughter dancing naked in the bathroom.

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He had also photographed himself raping and sexually assaulting her on numerous occasions, at times using a webcam.

He referred to his daughter as a "sexual pearl" in chat rooms and had showed child-porn images to the girl to make her feel comfortable posing.

He also took photos of himself sexually assaulting his four-month-old granddaughter he was meant to be babysitting for his then 20-year-old son in July, 2007.

The horrifying acts were committed in his southern NSW home where he lived with his wife and three young children, aged seven, six and three months at the time of the assaults.

His 28-year-old wife of six years had no idea of the double life her husband was living.

Court documents revealed the man had contacted at least 15 child-porn buyers and had negotiated a sale with one before he was arrested in September, 2007.

Police investigation showed the man had sexually assaulted another 11-year-old girl on an ongoing basis prior to 1997.

On September 4, he was sentenced to 19 years jail in the Sydney District Court. He will not be eligible for parole until March, 2022.

His wife has now relocated to a secret location in the hope that her husband will never find her when released from prison.

With the sickening details of the man's actions played out in the court room, Crown Prosecutor Gary Corr said, "It was one of the worst cases of child abuse I have ever seen.

"The problem was not so much that we had to show the photos in the court room, but stopping the jury members from jumping the rails and beating him to death when we did."

The man pleaded guilty to all charges which included indecently assaulting and having sexual intercourse with children aged under 10 and 14, and possessing and making child porn available on the internet.

The man did not speak during the trial except to plead guilty. His wife told police the couple had always had a "fairly inactive sex life" and that there had been "a normal father-daughter relationship" between father and daughter, court documents said.

During interviews with police she was astonished to discover the truth of the man's double life. He is now on 24-hour suicide watch in prison.

FBI officers in the US tipped off AFP investigators that the father had been distributing naked images of his granddaughter to a Florida man.

AFP officers found the man masquerading online as a 12-year-old under the user name of "firemansam2007".

A raid at the house recovered the man's laptop and a 320 gigabyte external hard drive, which contained more than 132,000 child-porn images.

Dad used daughter, 6, to sell porn pictures | National News | News.com.au

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