03 September 2009

Marks on her face don’t prove DV

Oh, really...they argued about her leaving, interesting....then when police arrive SHE has marks on her face from being slapped, he has no marks on him at all...BUT he claims he didn’t strike her that in fact HE was the one who was struck.  Oh, ok...THEN charges were dropped against him AFTER an investigation...hhhmmm, take a look at the jobs he has held, oh and a comment on the article at the original site:  states that his family owns half the county.  NOW I see where justice was served....NOT!!!  I just hope she doesn’t end up on my murder-suicide map (erm, well when I get it going again)!

Domestic-violence charges against Yulee Middle School’s new principal, the former mayor of Fernandina Beach, were dropped after the investigation by the State Attorney's Office.

James D. Rodeffer, 49, was charged Aug. 18 with domestic violence after an incident at his home with his wife, according to the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office.

He and his wife, Heather Rodeffer, told deputies they started arguing over her leaving while they had visitors. She said her husband followed her into a bedroom, slammed the door, grabbed her by the arm and slapped her in the face, according to an incident report.

James Rodeffer told deputies he didn’t strike his wife, according to the report, but said he grabbed and pushed her. He said he was struck during the incident, but deputies said they saw no sign of injury on him. The report said Heather Rodeffer’s face had some redness and there was bruising on her upper arms.

Rodeffer’s previous positions include Fernandina Beach mayor and a city commissioner, Callahan Middle School principal and director of secondary education for Nassau County schools.

The Rodeffers and a spokeswoman with the school district couldn’t be reached for comment late Thursday. But Assistant State Attorney Wes White, director of the Nassau County office, said the charge was dropped Thursday after the incident was investigated and the involved parties were questioned.

Domestic-violence charge against Yulee principal dropped | Jacksonville.com

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