30 August 2009

A man who 'gets' it

I would like to ask you to read what is here, but to go ahead and click the more link at the bottom of this and read the entire article.  I am glad that I had the pleasure of reading this...my title says it all as far as how I feel about this!

Sun, 16 Aug 2009 - 17:07 | Ilya Shambat
 After a woman who, fearing for her safety, called herself “Claire,” revealed the disgusting details of a gang rape that was allegedly perpetrated against her by an Australian football team, 100,000 people responded in support of the man who, according to her testimony, orchestrated the gang rape against her.

Charmyne Palavi, who also went on TV to reveal the reality of the football gang rape scene, was denounced on the Internet as a “lying head case,” and hateful messages were written toward her both by women and by men.

“Claire,” Charmyne, and everyone else who has experienced this and similar crimes: This is for you.

In an Internet discussion, an Australian man referred to Muslim men who gang rape young women in Sydney as “imported Muslim scum.” While that is indeed a fitting description of those people, I pose a question. Why is not the same epithet – minus the imported Muslim part - being applied to Australians who do the exact same thing to Australian women and teenage girls?
The people who are behind the “lying head... MORE

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