26 August 2009

On the Susan Murphy Milano Show: The Grace and Strength to Survive

The Grace and Strength to Survive


Grace is difficult to achieve when a woman makes the painful decision to exist a violent marriage. And the strength required to end the nightmare of abuse can break not only bones but, mind and spirit.

On the Susan Murphy Milano show author of the book "Graceful Reflections," Abigail Lurae.

Claudine Dombrowski from Mothers Without Custody. And Lorraine Tipton who is also known "Mama Liberty" a popular blog for mothers in violent relationships seeking a "life raft."

DATE: August 26, 2009

TIME: 3:00 PM Central Standard Time

Live call in Number: 347-326-9337

If you are unable to listen live, return to this site and the show will automatically play. Just remember to turn on and up the volume on your computer.

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