24 August 2009

Google, the gender confused search engine


Imagine a mom who has just had her kids removed from her care by a family court judge who gave them to the father that abused her and her children.  Imagine if you will how she would feel when she starts searching on the internet for a way to help her kids and she first tries searching for “child custody rights” and up pops all these father’s rights sites.  Does this mean that her children have no rights, that only the father does?  She gives up on that avenue of searching and searched for “motherless statistics gov” and Google then asks:  “Did you mean: fatherless statistics gov”.  Does this mean that this mom has no rights or stats or anything that she may turn to in order to protect her kids, or does it mean that the family courts in this country have taken over our search engines as well as the ability of the mother to protect her kids?


From Father’s Rights Movement Naked (thanks girls, this is funny, sad and pathetic at the same time…you gals did a good job):

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The FR Google Conspiracy

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