07 October 2010

The Lucrative Business of Court Whores

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Anonymous said...

Cute song. The biggest court whore lives in Austin. The thrives on the souls of the children who usually has a parent who can manage to pay 2 to 3 million in court to destroy, defame, and give the child the abuser.
FACTS: She has her own child therapist she uses for her cases. One parent was accused of molesting a child with cerebal palsy. This parent no longer acknowledges their kids. 2. She had me pushed into a rehab by my ex giving my eldest money to say your homeless now, just go so it will look good for the courts. My court date was June 6th. This was June 2. I said I needed to call my attorney. Denied access. Taken against my will. Come to find out from my pro bono he had no idea, that the day of court my eldest (not from this ex) got up on the stand and said I was sent to rehab without ever telling my attorney. Never recieved the court docs, confused, sad, and still no place to live. I called my ex, who would hang up. Guess what, he paid the 35k for the REHAB and the judge signed the order that he was to have all documentation. My attorney was sick to his stomach and felt betrayed.
3. Another parent wanted out of the marriage and their is documentation that Becky Beaver talked about having the parent, well, killed.
4. Another attorney was approached by one of her collegues at a gathering and he whispered into the attorneys ear, your getting old, it would be easy for you to die.
And my favorite.
5. And I quote "I don't give a damn about the kids, I just want to win"
All these people now have gag orders. HMMMMMM