17 March 2010

What Divorce and Parenthood Should Look Like

I’m not talking about the bit where he won the lottery and is going to share it with his ex-wife.  I am talking about the bit where they have been separated all these years (but recently divorced) and they are still friends.  They are civil to each other and still enjoy hanging out together for their daughters well-being.



Man divorces wife, wins lottery

    A UK bus driver has won $3.8 million on the lottery but vowed to share his winnings with his ex-wife.

    Kevin Halstead, 46, and his former wife Helen, 43, received their divorce papers four months before the lottery bonanza, the Daily Mail reports.

    "This win will help my friends out and she is still my friend," Mr Halstead said.

    The father-of-one is also aiming to help his current partner, Josephine Jones, obtain a passport so she can take her first ever trip overseas.

    He's denied reports that he went out to celebrate divorcing his wife the night before he bought the winning lottery ticket.

    "It is not true," he was quoted as saying.

    "We split up 13 years ago but we did not bother divorcing until four months ago because of our daughter."

    "She is a very good friend. I go round and have cups of tea with her and her new partner. We have had a giggle about that this morning."

    Mr Halstead, from Lancashire, has driven a bus on the same route every day for the last 17 years but has vowed not to quit his job.

    He told the Daily Mail: "I don't want to pack my job in. I asked my boss for time off, a month maybe two, but I don't want to cut myself off from my friends and I really enjoy my job."

    The avid Liverpool supporter has also promised his daughter, Jessica, 14, a pony.

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