01 February 2010

Another One: DEAD!

*Warning*  if you are offended by curse words, then skip what I have to say and just read the article below....and there are grammatical errors...many run-on sentences...not my best writing in the least...BUT, it is how I feel about it!

I am getting so fucking sick and tired of seeing these fathers who murder their children, fathers that are so selfish that they then kill themselves and leave everyone else behind to pick up the fucking pieces that they have left scattered all over the place...

It was seeing this type of article on a daily basis that first prompted the murder-suicide blog and map...but after going through stories and articles on a daily basis of children getting killed for no good reason, it was better to just let that other go and not work on it for awhile. 

This father picked his son up for a visitation and killed him!  AFTER he had already threatened to kill the baby and himself...oh but wait...there’s more...THIS WAS A FUCKING COURT ORDERED VISIT!!!!!

Oh but I am sure that just like all the rest the judge will excuse his decision by telling that he could only make a decision based on the proof that he had to look at....oh what the fuck ever! 

When are WE; as a country of people, as a society; going to start making our law makers, enforcement officials and judicial system follow the damn laws?  When are we going to start holding them accountable for their poor decisions or indecision when it is allowing our children as a whole to be murdered?

Oh, that’s right...PROBABLY FUCKING NEVER!!!  Because it is more comfortable to sit in the house and say that it will never happen to you or your family and to not give a flying shit because it has nothing to do with you...guess what...those that do nothing are enabling the abusers and murders and are just as bad as they are!

SoCal father, son dead in apparent murder-suicide

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Authorities in San Bernardino County say a 25-year-old father and his 9-month-old son have died in what investigators believe is a murder-suicide.

A sheriff's news release says deputies found Stephen Garcia and son Wyatt Garcia dead in a vehicle on a rural dirt road in the Twin Peaks area early Sunday.

The release says the Hesperia Sheriff's Station had received a report Saturday night that Garcia took his son during a court-ordered visitation and threatened to kill the child and himself.

The department did not say how the pair died, only that they "sustained traumatic injuries."

The county coroner will conduct an autopsy on both father and son this week.

Stephen Garcia was from the Pinon (pin-YONE) Hills area and his son was from Yucca Valley.

Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/n/a/2010/01/31/state/n183809S81.DTL&tsp=1#ixzz0eGKvjLHD

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Mom said...

They need to start throwing judges in prison that screw up like this.

DenomShi said...

I didn't have the court docket when I posted. Here is a link that has it: http://justice4mothers.wordpress.com/2010/02/01/california-judge-denies-protective-order-to-mother-bam-father-murders-young-son-and-kills-himself/

DenomShi said...

Mom, I agree with you! They do need to go to prison. Thanks for your comment.