30 January 2010

Recording Released In Murder-Suicide Case - Louisville News Story - WLKY Louisville

It is about time!  We hear all the time about these murder-suicides and everyone always makes noises about “Why was those kids even with that parent?” Well...this article gives one scenario as to how that happens.  Another scenario that is also popular is that a Family Court Judge gave them to the parent that eventually ends up killing them, but that is not the case here.

In this situation, it was a couple of cops that felt they didn’t have to read the entirety of the judges orders.  They just went on and did what they ‘thought’ they should do.

The fact that this dad turned around, not very long after he was given temporary (illegal) custody of his child, murdered his child and committed suicide; makes me wonder if he were even telling the truth about the mom in his EPO.  I think...probably not.  I think...this was another abuser that was trying to further the abuse because she left him and this was the only control that he could hold over her.

The trial is set for October in this case...so I guess we shall see if justice will be done for this small boy who’s life was ended WAY too early.

Recording Released In Murder-Suicide Case

Recording Shows Father Told Police He Didn't Have Custody Of Son

By Eric King/WLKY  POSTED: 6:24 pm EST January 28, 2010

BARDSTOWN, Ky. -- WLKY has uncovered new information in a Bardstown murder-suicide case.

WLKY obtained an audio recording of a conversation between Timothy Frazier and the Lawrenceburg Police Department. Police said in May 2009, Frazier shot his 21-month-old son in the head, then turned the gun on himself.

MP3: Listen To Police Recording

The Lawrenceburg Police Department is being sued for illegally taking the boy from his mother and placing him in the custody of his father, who according to police, later killed him.

In the call, Frazier made it clear, three times, that he did not have custody of the child.

The call came into the Lawrenceburg Police Department on May 13, just hours after Frazier filed an emergency protective order against his ex-girlfriend, Candice Dempsey, of 21-month-old Cole.

The EPO was filed in Bardstown, where Frazier lived. Dempsey lived in Lawrenceburg.

In the call, ... Murder-Suicide Case - Louisville News Story - WLKY Louisville

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