29 December 2009

Court-Ordered Not to Possess Firearms; But He Shot Them Anyway

Nice condensed summary of this case (below).  There are two women, two children and one man dead because this man, who did have a RO against him from a third woman, broke that RO and carried a gun anyway.  So, apparently someone knew he was violent!

This is happening far too often!  We as a society need to wake up and do something about our families being killed all over the place.  Many think this is only someone else’s issue; until it happens in their family or on their block.

Then when it does happen close to them, many people sit around and say things like, ‘we are so shocked, he was such a good man’.  Well let me tell you something...and I want you to really think about this and apply to those around you...good people do NOT kill their families and loved ones, good people do NOT beat their families and loved ones, good people are NOT violent and verbally abusive to their families and loved ones.

Most of the time this violence and abuse is going on behind closed doors, but we all need to be aware of domestic violence on a whole and be prepared when our friend, co-worker, family member, or neighbor comes to use and tells us that they are being abused.

Hat tip to Annie for finding this article.

Father Murders Two of His Children and Their Respective Mothers … While Court-Ordered Not to Possess Firearms

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Father has toddler Daughter with Girlfriend.

Father has Other Daughter, also a toddler, with Other Girlfriend.

Daughter and Girlfriend can’t be accounted for.

Then Other Daughter and Other Girlfriend’s bodies are discovered. Shot.

Then, hours later, Daughter and Girlfriend’s bodies are discovered – in Father’s trunk.

A few days later, Father’s body is found, an apparent suicide.

Father has been involved in child support litigation with Girlfriend and Other Girlfriend.

Father has also been unemployed for several months.

Yet another woman had a domestic violence restraining order against Father at the time of his death. That order prohibited Father from having firearms in his possession.

But Father managed to overcome that restriction.

Read more in this Associated Press article: Wis. man linked to 4 slayings charged in 2 deaths and this Wisconsin State Journal article: Murder suspect Tyrone Adair found dead in Cottage Grove.

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