03 November 2009

With great sadness...

I am behind the last few days and just now seeing this.  One of our BADASS Bloggers had been ill and today I found out that she has passed away.  This is from the remaining members of the Anonymums Group:

Dear Friends and Supporters,It is with regret that we announce this sad notice. Anonymums has passed on. We are all mourning her loss and remembering her inspiration and strength that she brought to the mothers movement. It is her surviving members wish at this time that their privacy is respected, but they thank you for all of the support you have provided to the cause and hope that her messages will continue to live on beyond her departure.

I have also been told that her family has requested that no flowers or cards be sent.  If you wish to remember her, they ask that we do so by making a donation to our own local domestic violence shelter or agency.

Her family is not releasing any information as to the times for services and are holding them privately to preserve her wishes that she remain anonymous in death, as she did in life.  I will be honoring her passing here with a blogging silence that will end on Thursday.

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