27 October 2009

Quebec man pleads guilty to kidnapping, sex assault

I am glad that the little boy doesn’t have to testify and relive that nightmare!  I agree too with the father, it is nice to know the judge cared enough to ask how the little was doing; and yes let’s hope the judge keeps this little boy in mind when handing down sentencing!

By CBC News

Pierre Defoy, accused of snatching an eight-year-old boy from a Quebec City suburb, pleaded guilty Friday to kidnapping, forcible confinement and sexual assault.

The parents of a boy who was kidnapped in broad daylight last year say they are relieved their son won't have to testify in a trial.

The man accused of taking the boy, Pierre Defoy, pleaded guilty on Friday in Superior Court in Quebec City to kidnapping, forcible confinement and sexual assault.

The boy's mother, who cannot be named in order to protect the identity of her son, said she relives the trauma of what happened last year every time she sees Defoy.

She sat at the front of the courtroom Friday as Defoy entered guilty pleas on three of the six charges he was facing. The other three charges included a child pornography possession charge that the Crown agreed to drop.

In July 2008, Defoy grabbed the eight-year-old boy in broad daylight near the family's home in Lévis, south of Quebec City, and put him in the trunk of his car. Defoy then drove to Quebec City.

Less than 30 minutes later, a witness, Ryan Murphy, was sitting in traffic when he saw the trunk of the car stopped ahead of him pop open. Murphy caught a glimpse of a boy in the trunk before the car sped off. He followed the car to an apartment building, where the driver took the boy inside.

Murphy called police, who found the boy bound, gagged and locked inside a nearly-empty heating oil tank in the basement.

The boy's father said he's relieved details of the attack won't have to go before a judge and said he is grateful the judge asked how his son was doing. The father added he hopes the judge will remain that concerned about his son when the judge decides on Defoy's sentencing.

Crown prosecutor Valérie Lahaie said it's too early to say what kind of sentence she'll request. The maximum penalty for kidnapping is life imprisonment.

CBC: Quebec man pleads guilty to kidnapping, sex assault

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