18 October 2009

"A Citizens Voice"


"A Citizens Voice" IS BACK-Monday Nights on WLIP Radio 1050 AM

MOMS, we have a voice again!

Beginning next Monday, October 19, 2009 from 6-8 PM (CT)...listen and call in to "A CITIZEN'S VOICE" on WLIP Radio 1050 AM-Kenosha, Wisconsin.
Media personality, Terry Florio (formerly known by his stage name as FRED FLANNIGAN), will host the discussion of the cover-ups of domestic violence, child abuse in our family courts, with Catherine Campbell and Karyn Mehringer.   Both moms have experienced and witnessed the cover-ups, and the retaliation by the system when you report and expose their activity.  Catherine and Karyn will report the federal and state laws that were passed that have created this crisis.

Share your input and/or your horror stories from America's family courts and the legal system.  

You can listen on the internet on www.WLIP.com. or call in to (262) 694-1050.

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