07 September 2009

Family Court in Australia--You can’t handle the TRUTH



The truth about the Family Courts in Australia

- By Rebecca Bliss

Look at the system

It’s such a shame

Our children are suffering

And the courts are to blame.

To the family courts

There is no excuse

That what you are doing


They give out ‘shared custody’

Even if it puts kids in danger

The child’s ‘best interests’

Are determined by a stranger.

It is the Family Courts

Who are shattering lives

By giving kids to men

Who beat up their wives.

They say ‘To Violence

Australia Says No’

But women speak up

And their kids have to go.

When a parent is violent

It is simply not fair

To ignore all the evidence

And enforce this ‘shared care’.

A child should live

Where he or she chooses

Not be forced into staying

With child abusers.

Lawyers get involved

When decisions get made

But they don’t care about kids

They just want to get paid.

When a mum finds out

That her child’s been abused

She finds that in court

She becomes the accused.

When someone speaks out

About how the courts fail

They get fined, or worse,

Even end up in jail.

Not many know

About the Courts wrong-doing

News crews can’t cover it

Or the Courts threaten suing.

You won’t hear what goes on

In your Sunday Mail

Because reporters have been warned

It will put them in jail.

So it’s all a ‘big secret’

About what really goes on

They don’t want you to know

Because they know it is wrong.

It’s not in the papers

It’s not on the news

Because when someone tries

It’s the court who sues.

How many more

Kids have to die

As a result of these courts

Letting abuse slip by.

To the Family Courts

There is blood on your hands

We are sick of giving in

To your ridiculous demands.

Open your eyes-

It could happen to you

The need for a change

Is long overdue.

If they want to play God

And put kids lives at stake

Then judges must be liable

For the decisions they make.

        By Rebecca Bliss


Visit www.saferfamilylaw.org.au

to find out more about how you can help by signing the online petition asking the Government for a change to current Family Law.


fallenangel said...

This is so true. The problem is that the Family Courts say that they work on the principle of 'child's best interests', yet we are seeing time and time again that this is not the case. Instead, children are being treated like property which must be split down the middle and divided up into equal parts, regardless of the child's rights to be safe and secure, and certainly regardless of their wishes or preference. It is sick the way the courts are treating children. Shame on the system.

Nunyaa said...

All children have the right to know both parents. It is a case of she said, he said. Agreeing there are many men out there who abuse women and children BUT equally so there are just as many women who abuse they system and use the courts in a frivolous manner to get back at their ex partners. These are the parents who need a big wake up call. Children do not ask to be born and those parents be it mother or father who use the family law courts to get back at the other parent ought to wake up to the fact it is the children who suffer most. I have an ex partner who presents himself as a man where butter would not melt in his mouth, he is a proper bastard for the repeated bashings I received and the death of an unborn child due to one. The same man who has not bothered to even see his children in 5 years. I do not use the court system to make him pay. I tell my children they are lucky to have a father and one who loves them. Any distrust, dislike or any feelings they have towards their dad will come from them , it will not be from my own personal issues with him. It is not my place to turn the children against their father, he will do that by his own hand. I do get sick and tired of seeing where women are always so hard done by though and men don't deserve to see their children. Too many women play the sympathy card to justify their own actions. Being a mother does not give exclusive rights to be sole parent and excluding the father from lives of any offspring. These men were good enough to lie down with and produce kids, then be an adult and think of the children and not about payback and revenge. Meanwhile, yes there are some fathers who are poor excuses for fathers, equally just as many women who should be ashamed of themselves and cry wolf later.

Nunyaa said...

Further more, the Family Law Court in Australia is as backward as it ever was. I agree it needs a huge shake up and legislation changes are necessary to stop innocent parties form all the BS that gets presented and no one wins but lawyers and barristers.

rj said...

These men were good enough to lie down with and produce kids, then be an adult and think of the children and not about payback and revenge. Meanwhile, yes there are some fathers who are poor excuses for fa

fuck that i dont think so

Nunyaa said...

Why not? The kids are the one who suffer in these cases. What I am saying is, NOT ALL men are the assholes women say they are. Of course it is looking through rose colored glasses to think in this day and age men and women would put aside their own personal issues and get on with parenting. You dont have to like them but you owe it to your children. I hate my boys father with a passion but I DO NOT degrade him in front of the kids. Pity all didnt do that.