07 August 2009

Dastardly Dads

Fathers Rights folks blame moms for child abuse. WRONG! Sexual abuse, shaken baby syndrome, and other forms of violent child abuse are dominated by dads, stepdads, and caretaker boyfriends (60 - 90%). And as more dads are providing child care (either because mom is working and can't find other care, or because dads are increasingly getting unsupervised visitation/custody through the family courts), more dads are are being found guilty of basic child abuse and neglect. Who'd a thunk it?

Visit: Dastardly Dads to read more!!

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hugh said...

i love these blanent attepmts to try and cover the truth that biological dads from fathers rights groups are correct that biological mothers abuse children more and that the other forms of abuse stem from the mothers future relationships

catch yourself on you cant argu the truth

Glenn's Cult? said...

Ahhh hugh must be a little scaredy cat. He can't even reveal himself. Silly man women should care for children :-)