15 May 2009

Honey....I’m hommme!

This idiot...crashes his car into his ex-wife’s house.  Now, I do feel really bad that she was actually injured and I do hope that she recovers fully, and quickly!  But, what an ass!  How in the world can someone explain being so mad, angry, hurt, etc....that they would wreck their own freakin’ car and risk injuring them self in the process....not to mention the cost of the house...well I do hope for her sake she was well insured, at least.  I am glad that she got away from him to begin with and that he was unsuccessful in claiming her life with this stupidity, but this just goes to prove that abusers will stop at nothing!!

Aggravated assault my ass....sounds more like attempted murder to me, why else ram your car into her house unless you planned to kill her, or you are stupid; and in this case maybe BOTH!  I have always found it funny that they call it ‘aggravated’ assault...of course people are aggravated by assault!  Lets look at what Wikipedia says about it:

Aggravated assault is usually differentiated from simple assault by the offender's intent (i.e., to murder, to rape etc.), the extent of the injury to the victim, or the use of a deadly weapon, although legal definitions vary between jurisdictions. For example, North Carolina has the offense of assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill inflicting serious bodily injury.[7] The aggravating elements are clearly spelled out in the name of the crime.

I like that...the ‘aggravating’ elements are clearly spelled out...I still say that all assault is aggravating, but hey if putting that word in front of it will make people like this idiot get longer sentences for doing shit like this to other people...then they can use whatever word they want to!

Man crashes car into ex-wife's home in Brazoria

May 15, 2009, 3:57PM

A man was arrested in Brazoria County after authorities said he crashed his car into his ex-wife’s home, pinning her with the vehicle.

Donald Wayne Busby was charged with aggravated assault after the crash, which happened Thursday evening.

Tamara Roads, who lives at the 200 block of Country Road just west of Angleton, was taken to a Houston hospital where she was being treated for serious injuries, authorities said.  Man crashes car into ex-wife's home in Brazoria | Houston & Texas News | Chron.com - Houston Chronicle

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Glenn's Cult? said...

The only problem will be is if she faces the same problem many abuse victims face - what if her insurance company refuses to pay out on her claim? After all in some insurance companies minds, she contributed to this by marrying him.

Never mind that most states have laws about this (shame that not all states have these laws). I am sure that even with great insurance, this woman will be left to fight to get her life put back as close as possible to what it was before the attempt on her life (which in my mind as in yours equates to attempted murder, not aggravated assault).

But hey semantics here, cause in this patriarchal society - you are still talking about "just a woman".