25 April 2009

Who Am I?

I have only had this blog up for a day or two almost and already I have someone demanding to know who I am.  As if I must answer to this person.  What difference does it make who I am, just know that I AM!

I am that one small butterfly whose wings flapping here will cause the tornado on the other side of the world (better known as the Butterfly Effect)....Chaos Theory

I am that one lone wolf whose howl here will cause the brush fire three state away...Chaos Theory

I am that small child whose cries go unnoticed by our family court that will cause the reform that is needed when I get older...Chaos Theory

I am that mother whose voice is no longer silenced and with that voice I will expose the corruption in our family courts...Chaos Theory

I could be YOUR mother (I do have kids after all), YOUR sister (if you have one), YOUR wife even.  I could be the lady that waits on you at lunch time, or your cashier at the grocery store.  I could be your church secretary or your coven high priestess.  I could be the woman who cleans your house or does your dry cleaning.  I could be your daughter that you abused all those years, come back to haunt you in your nightmares. 

One by one exposing those that have put children in harms way and uplifting those that have survived the domestic terror that we call the justice system.  This is not unique to one country; no, this is a world wide purification of a system. 

It should be illegal to force children to be subjected to torturous and ineffective evaluations and therapies.  But it is not.  Actually it is encouraged as long as someone is getting paid!  Silly me, I thought human trafficking and prostitution were actually illegal; and so they are as long as they are called anything else and worded as to be “in the best interest of the child”.

You may never figure out who I am, and what does it matter.  I am a voice, only one voice, but this one voice can roar with the injustices done and cause that storm in another country!  The storm is brewing on the horizon, you had better prepare, I would hate to see you lifted into its clutches and dropped into unsafe territory.

DMX said it right:

X is comin’ for ya, can’t do nuthin’ for ya

Cause X is comin’ for ya

Run, hide, duck, duck

Cause we don’t give fuck, fuck

Look around at all the women you see...can you guess which one I am?  I am none of them and I am all of them....but which one am I?


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